In today’s fast-paced business environment, selling a company can seem daunting. But with the right strategy and guidance, it can be a swift and seamless process. Let’s delve into the story of John, a business owner who successfully sold his business in just 90 days.


John had run his software development business for over a decade. While the business was profitable, John wanted to retire and travel the world. His challenge? Selling the company quickly without compromising on its value.

Action Items for a Speedy and Successful Sale:

  1. Assess the Business: Before anything else, John had a comprehensive business valuation done. Knowing the true worth of your business is critical. It helps you set a realistic price and manage potential buyers’ expectations.
  2. Optimize for Sale: John worked on addressing any liabilities and ensuring all financial statements were up-to-date. Every business has areas of improvement – tackle these before listing your business.
  3. Marketing: A targeted marketing strategy was crafted. Highlighting the company’s USPs and reaching out to potential buyers in the software development industry were paramount.
  4. Engage a Business Broker: John realized early on that to expedite the sale, he needed an expert. Engaging a business broker helped in showcasing his business to the right audience and navigating negotiations.
  5. Prepare for Due Diligence: Being prepared for potential buyers’ due diligence can speed up the sale process. John ensured he had a comprehensive package ready, including financial records, contracts, and other pertinent information.
  6. Negotiate Effectively: With multiple interested parties, John was in a strong position to negotiate. Remember, it’s not just about price; terms of payment, handover processes, and post-sale engagements are crucial too.
  7. Seal the Deal: With a buyer in place, John worked closely with his broker and legal team to finalize the sale, ensuring all parties were satisfied.


With these action items, not only did John manage to sell his business in 90 days, but he also secured a deal that valued his business 15% higher than the initial listing price.

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