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Selling a Business?

Finding the right buyer and negotiating the best price can be complicated. As Central Florida’s largest business broker, we sell companies large and small in all industries. We have qualified buyers looking for established businesses with proven potential, just like yours!

Why Do I Need a Business Intermediary?


How I Help Business Owners…

As a Business Intermediary I help business owners do four things:

  1. Sell, grow or buy a business.
  2. Track revenue, and increase profit and cash flow.
  3. Analyze the strengths and weaknesses of their business from the financial perspective.
  4. Propose corrective action to business owners.

Even big businesses (e.g. Coca-Cola) traditionally work with Business Intermediaries. And all businesses – regardless of size – need us.

This is why I exist. I set out to create the #1 network of highly vetted business professionals.

As a Business Intermediary I …

  • Work exclusively with small-to-medium sized businesses ($500k-$50M+ in annual revenue)
  • Help business owners sell or buy a business or have a growing and more profitable business.
  • Am highly vetted and certified as a Business Intermediary and Advisor.

The Types of Challenges My Clients Faced Prior to Coming to Me!

When my clients came to me they were facing one or more of the following eight challenges:

Challenge #1: Their business was relying on them as it all fell apart and they were unable to save it on their own.

Challenge #2: They were constantly battling a ‘catch-22’ situation.

Challenge #3: They did not have a simple way to understand what was working – and what was not – in their business.

Challenge #4: They did not have clear business goals and they gave up.

Challenge #5: They did not have a clear path to follow to have a growing and more profitable business.

Challenge #6: They had an amazing idea that they’d like to turn into a business venture.

Challenge #7: Their current business hit a plateau in sales and they began bottoming out.

Challenge #8: They wanted to pivot their business to a new or additional audience.

What do you need help with?

My Approach to Helping Businesses Increase Their Profits and Cash Flow

In consulting with you and your business, my initial analysis always is the same. I look critically at the three major functions of your business – Marketing, Production, and Accounting. 

  • Marketing: the function of your business that brings customers to your door and culminates in some sort of sale.
  • Production: the function of your business that deals with customers from the time of the first sale through the entire life of the relationship with that customer.
  • Accounting: the function of business that gathers data and information from all the different aspects of the business.

I then analyze how each of these functions is working separately. More importantly, I then evaluate how they work together and make each increase profit and cash flow or the need to sell your business.

I use a simple model which defines my understanding of how to look at your business objectively. I refer to it as the Universal Business Model which gives me the ability to provide a Valuation of your business.

Expand Your Sales, Marketing, & Networking Reach

Great customers do not just appear; they are made! Look at it this way: You have an amazing product or service that people are willing to pay for, and it has a great profit marging. Would you stop telling people about it ?

Marketing in your company informs customers about your product or service, and brings them through the door. The following nine principles can make your business more profitable:

Principle #1: Nothing happens until you make a sale!
Principle #2: A deal is only good when it is good for both parties.
Principle #3: Grow your business geometrically!
Principle #4: Pour on the Communication
Principle #5: Improve your internal processes
Principle #6: Take what you have and make it better. 
Principle #7: Cash flow, cash flow, cash flow!
Principle #8: Know your business
Principle #9: Plan for tomorrow

Have an Active Vision, Strategy, & Roadmap to Reach Your Goals

Having an active vision, strategy, and roadmap to reach your goals also means sometimes looking beyond the company and maybe even beyond the immediate business that you are in. It involves trying to understand how your company may fit into a different market or a different segment of the same market. It can open doors to expand the business. Or it may lead you to the realization that you have to change your business completely, to start over, and transition into an entirely new business. Isn’t it time to get started today?


Scale & Maintain Healthy Operations & Culture

Operations are the foundation and the heart and soul of your business. When setup correctly, operations keep your business running smoothly and allow you to focus on strategies and finances, instead of the day-to-day operations.

A solid operational plan creates consistency in your business and this allows ordinary people to create extraordinary results.

Though you may not open several businesses, you need to set your business up as if you are planning to franchise it. The more systematic you are in your approach to operations, the easier it is to train your employees and replicate the experience. Take action now and start doing extraorinary things with your company starting today?

I Also Give Hands-On Workshops & Talks

Growth is essential for every startup and a highly strategic and cross-functional role touching every part of your company. My advanced workshops will show you not just what growth tactics are out there but how to scale your growth efforts and channel them in the right direction.



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